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Do you offer any type of warranty on your products?
All of our drivers are covered by a one year non-transferable limited warranty from the date of original purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in parts and craftsmanship such as misaligned coils, glue and solder separation. Damage due to customer negligence, including but not limited to overpowering or dropping the product, will not be covered. Please contact us before mailing any return units to ensure your product is still covered. Buyer is responsible for shipping the defective unit back to us for inspection, and providing that it is eligible for warranty, we will absorb the return (one-way) shipping expense, as well as the driver repair or replacement at no charge.

What about shipping... Does SoundSplinter ship internationally?
We'll ship to any place our packages will be taken. Domestic shipping is handled via FedEx Home Delivery whereas international shipping is taken care of through the US Postal Service. International customers will have the option to choose either Airmail (up to 2 week delivery) or Surface (up to 8 week delivery) Parcel shipping. Shipping insurance is included. Certain restrictions may apply, which you will be made fully aware of before product shipment, if said restrictions apply to you.

Do I have to pay for shipping? How much?
Yes, the buyer is responsible for shipping. Domestic rates typically vary between $20 - $50 per speaker. As our margins are already thin, and we have no way of knowing exactly how many orders will come from where, we believe individual shipping quotes cause the average buyer expense to be lower overall.

What payment methods does SoundSplinter accept? Credit cards?
For domestic orders, preferred payment options include personal check, money order, bank transfer, direct deposit and online transfer through Wells Fargo bank, or PayPal.com for credit card purchases. Payments via international bank transfer (wire), Western Union, and PayPal.com are accepted for international orders under US$400. PayPal is not accepted for international orders over US$400. All payments made via PayPal.com must indicate a confirmed shipping address which matches the shipping address on your SoundSplinter invoice.

Why don't you state a single RMS power rating for each speaker?
The amount of power you can safely use on a driver can change dependent upon the specific application as well as the user's propensity towards the irresponsible use of their equipment. We believe that offering a range of acceptable power input is more effective, especially considering that RMS power ratings between different manufacturers are often inconsistent (even if they use the exact same voicecoil with the same specific thermal rating!). Generally speaking, if you are a responsible user, you may use up to the full range of power that we advocate for any given driver without negative consequence. If you have any questions about powering your specific application, please contact us.

Are your drivers geared towards SQ or SPL?
We take pride in offering products that are designed to sound the best. While you could certainly rig up our drivers to produce very high sound pressure levels, our first and foremost concern is to provide ridiculously clean and accurate low-frequency reproduction. In short, all of our drivers sport some supurb SQ, and most of them can also be implemented in high SPL applications. For the SPL crowd, our RL-i8 and RL-p Series drivers are most popular. For the seekers of the finest low-distortion sound quality, our Supreme Series drivers are practically unbeatable.

Are your drivers for home or car audio?
Why both of course! The majority of our drivers are designed to be implemented in almost any application from home theater setups to raging car audio decks, it's all in how you manipulate your enclosure to cater to different listening spaces. We have enclosure recommendations for various applications on each individual product web page, but if you would like to discuss what may be best for your specific application or personal taste, please contact us.

Does SoundSplinter wholesale to third-party retailers?
In order to keep our operating costs low, life simple, and pass on savings to the customer - we have elected to distribute our products solely through the online medium. In this way we avoid additional shipping expense to end-retailers, including the retailer's own profit markup, and can therefore offer our products at wholesale rates to everyone who owns a SoundSplinter subwoofer. In short, you will be hard pressed to find products of comparable quality and value anywhere else.

...But I've seen your products for sale on other websites?
There are a few select third-party online vendors for whom we will drop-ship our speakers. This means that even though you may place an order through their respective websites, they do not actually hold an inventory of our products and all shipping will still be handled by us. We offer our products through their websites in order to score some added exposure, and because these cats know how to run a good and honest business: Acoustic-Visions, Decibel Garden, Realm of Excursion, and Sound Solutions Audio.

What are these Customer Rewards you speak of?
If you are a returning customer, confirm your previous order number and if the addresses match up, you will receive a $10 discount on your order in appreciation of your loyalty. Likewise, if a friend orders upon your recommendation, have them confirm your order number and you will receive a $10 cash bonus which may instead be used as a $15 credit towards a future purchase.

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